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"I enjoy playing football with my teammates in Beersheba F.C. [Oasis Uganda project] I joined in 2013 when I was 12 years old but before joining there was no chance for me. I thought that maybe I was not born to play football and perhaps those already in the club were better than me, and I felt bad and left out. Fortunately, in 2013 I was recruited to play in the under 12s team. I took this as a great opportunity for me to learn lots of things in life. Beersheba F.C. has trained me in football skills and has promoted my talent. It has enabled me to make friends, and my morals have been shaped well through the sessions we have with our good coach. Beersheba F.C. has taught me how to keep personal hygiene which was not the case before joining. Due to the challenges I face at school like missing classes, lack of scholastic materials, and no feeding, I felt like dropping out but I am always encouraged by the coaches to keep pressing on regardless of what I go through. My interests in life is to become a great footballer and a mechanical engineer.”

- A boy from the U16's team, Mbale, Uganda



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“I am 11 years old, and I live in a slum community in Chennai with my parents. I have an elder brother and a sister and we all go to school. My dad drives an auto to take care of the family. I love to come out with my friends to play football because my dad is really strict at home and he drinks daily. Playing football with my friends has helped me to be happy and confident. I aspire to become an engineer in the future and build houses for all the poor and vulnerable in my community.”

- A boy from the U12s team, Chennai, India. 





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"When the Beersheba Football Club was started (Oasis Uganda project), there was just only team, the under 12s, and I joined that team. We began playing with balls made of paper!

My journey has been a fruitful and joyful one. I used to display much anger with my fellow teammates and I always behaved in a destructive manner.

As I look back however, Beersheba has become my home, my parents and my family. If it was not for the support and love showed to me at Beersheba, I would have dropped out of school in either primary six or seven.

At that time, I lacked what to eat because my late father was negatively influenced by my step-mother, and I also didn't have scholastic materials and fees. However, I was encouraged to stay in school and work hard in life while at Beersheba FC.

Being a member of the Beersheba Football Club has enabled me to develop into a caring young person and I am optimistic about my future. I am about to finish my pre-school teacher training course and I have a responsibility towards my community and I try to model love and care for the players in the Beersheba FC U12 team. I now find fulfillment and joy coaching the Beersheba U12 team.

Beersheba has empowered me to plan ahead and to make healthy choices. Recently one of my peers in our community made bad choices and became a young father of two babies at the same time! He can neither offer help to the babies nor to their young mothers, but as for me, I feel I have control over my future of which I want it to be a rewarding one”. 

- Senior Team Player, and Coach of the U12 team

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