Artyom's Story

ArtyomArtyom (not his real name) is an incredible dancer and was selected to represent Kyrgyzstan in France at an international competition. Through Oasis’ input and experience his confidence has grown. So much so, that he pulled off a miraculous feat to help his older brother.

His mother and sister now live in Russia. They sent some money to Artyom to get his brother off the streets and over to Russia. In one day he managed to clean his brother up, get all his paperwork together, organise the best way for him to travel, purchase the air ticket, buy him some more clothes, and see him off at the airport. He was able to do all of this in record time, managing   to get back into the city centre to go to the movies with his girlfriend. Rustam who has worked with Artyom since meeting him in a reform school, was telling me just how far Artyom has come. He was beaming with pride as he told me Artyom’s story, and then he explained to me how he sees his role:

“My job is to teach these kids what their parents didn’t. I prepare them to fly out of the nest. I tell them, they are important, they matter, and they have a place in this society. I see what I believe to be God at work in their lives, and I walk with them on their journey.”

Oasis Kyrgyzstan has been working with children and youth in institutions for many years. Oasis work in Kyrgyzstan is supported by the International Youth Foundation and The British and Foreign School Society. 


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