Oasis Burkina Faso

The work of Oasis in Burkina Faso is very new. The work is focused in Banfora, a city in South West Burkina Faso where we run the Samaria project. Here, groups of street boys live in extreme poverty as religious students. These students are sent to live and study under the tutelage of traditional teachers. The boys are forced to beg all day for food and money to fund the teacher’s livelihood and receive very little of anything themselves other than the teaching.

They are isolated and excluded from any kind of normal life. By the time they graduate, they are devoid of skills to contribute to society and fulfill their potential. As such, they are unable to live a ‘normal’ life and find integration with society virtually impossible. Most of them have no other choice than to stay on the street living from begging or crime.

The aim of Oasis Burkina Faso is to:

Provide basic needs of food, water, love and care

Be able to provide alternative schooling and/or professional skills training

To help the boys integrate back into society