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What we do in Bangladesh

The Duaripara Family Development Project is an integrated programme comprising education, health, family well-being, community advocacy and economic development activities to give the girls and their families the chance of a different future. It has been run as a partnership between Oasis and the Church of Bangladesh since 2005. The project has a multi-dimensional approach towards improving the lives of girls and also focuses on addressing issues of family violence, poor treatment of females and personal safety.

Currently we have 18 staff who are working on this project. Our beneficiaries are currently approximately 120 girls, 98 families and 250 wider community members in the Duaripara slum in Dhaka.  Our programme is divided into the following areas:

  •        Education
  •        Life-skill and creative activities
  •        Health Promotion
  •        Family and Community Advocacy
  •        Economic Development

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Aney's Story

Aney is a 14-year-old girl who is studying in Class Seven. Her parents are both uneducated and earn very little but despite their meagre income, they now faithfully pay Aney’s monthly school fees. They have a great dream that their daughter will finish her education and build her own future with the support of the Duaripara Project.

“My life has really changed through the Duaripara Project because most girls my age in the slum are working in the garments factory to help meet their family’s needs. But with the encouragement of the staff, my parents want to continue my study and they want to see me as their educated daughter. My parents feel proud of my good results and I am looking forward to my future.”