Students become teachers at Oasis South Africa

South Africa is a country that may not hit the headlines like it used to – but the reality is that the legacy of Apartheid has left severe economic inequality. communities remain divided and opportunity is often the preserve of a privileged few.  That’s why, since 2006, Oasis has been hard at work across the country, working with vulnerable people and empowering them to become ‘change agents’ – people equipped to transform their own lives and the destiny of their community.

From drug rehabilitation centers to youth work and community development programs, Oasis South Africa’s vision for a brighter future continues to gain momentum. One initiative where Oasis South Africa has embodied change is in education. The ‘More than a Teacher’ programme provides a gateway into teaching for people who would be denied the opportunity by other avenues.

Successful applicants are enrolled in a long distance study for their teaching degree (B. Ed) and mentored along the way by Oasis staff. Building on Oasis’s model of inclusion, unsuccessful applicants at stage two are still linked to employment and internship opportunities.

The programme is entering its 5th year of enrolment and has so far educated 300 students.

“The ‘More than a teacher’ programme doesn’t just train teachers – important though that is.  It helps people discover a potential in themselves that they didn’t previously know existed” said Kutloana ‘Scotch’ Toko, who leads Oasis South Africa.  “Opportunities like this don’t just give people a qualification – they give them a future.”