Community Case Stories from Oasis India

India, our featured country for August is home to Oasis’ Potters Wheel preschool as well as the Basin Bridge Hub.

We’ve got a few case studies from the pre-school and work of the Hub, to give you a bit more of an idea of the impact Oasis has in India.

Potters Wheel Pre-School

Rupikasree (below) says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Inspired by the education she’s receiving at Potters Wheel, she wants to be able to give that to other children. As well as academic subjects, Rupikasree said she has learnt about being clean and tidy, being on time, and how important it is to be good to each other.

Venkatesh (below) is one of the brightest students at Potters Wheel, and is already confident that he wants to become a doctor. He doesn’t just have the ambition to be a successful doctor, but is determined to help ‘the poor and needy’ who cannot afford good healthcare. Venkatesh is particularly fond of the fun and creative methods the teachers use at Potters Wheel.

Success from the Basin Bridge Hub

The Basin Bridge Hub was setup in North Chennai to offer the surrounding communities a better way of life. They offer education and classes in things such as health, nutrition, and tailoring.

One person that has benefited from the Basin Bridge Hub is Selvi.

Selvi is diabetic and originally became associated with Oasis through a dietary awareness programme they were running. Through this, she learned of a tailoring course starting soon close to where she lived. She hasn’t ever received any formal education, but has always wanted to learn how to sew.

She says

“I went to several training institutes but left as I would lose interest as they were rushing with the course. I was quite slow and found it very hard to pick up although I’ve had an interest to learn. So when I heard of this, I came to the centre as it was close to where I live. The trainer and my co-trainees were patient and kind and I learnt a lot. Today I sew with confidence and am able to tell people about my skill.”

Selvi has since found work, and is part of a social enterprise pilot in the Basin Bridge Hub. She says that thanks to Oasis, the community is responding in a way that challenges themselves to improve – improving lives and bringing about community transformation.