Motivation and Theology

Oasis is inspired and motivated by the life, teaching and example of Jesus Christ. It informs our radically inclusive ethos (or behaviours) and drives our passionate belief that each human being is equally important, has intrinsic God-given worth and is uniquely valuable.

We hope that our values of inclusion, relationships, equality, hope and perseverance permeate everything we do and are obvious wherever and whenever you encounter Oasis

Oasis’ ethos cannot be separated from its beliefs because an organisation, like people, behaves in in line with what it believes. Belief and behaviour are integral to one another.

Some of Oasis’ beliefs include the following:

Each individual is made in the image of the God who created all of us, making us all equal and different.

God is love. Love is not simply one of God’s attributes, but rather the very essence of his nature. This love pervades the universe and is unconditional rather than earned.

God became human in the person of Jesus Christ. He came to where we are. He shared our experience of life. He felt joy and pain. He engages with us and understands us.

Jesus served others rather than expecting to be served and willingly sacrificed his life through the cross.

Jesus rose from the dead. Death is not the end. There is resurrection and hope.

Therefore, it follows that Oasis will behave by:

Seeking to serve all people equally, respecting their differences and aspiring to meet the needs of the whole person and the whole community because each person is valuable to God.

Accepting others for who they are because they are accepted and loved by God.

Engaging in the whole life of the communities we work in.

Sacrificially serving both the individuals and the communities with whom we work.

Living with the hope that transformation is always possible because the resurrection of Christ shows that even the darkest situation can be overcome.