In seeking to help those who are most vulnerable Oasis has been drawn into addressing the issue of housing. This is especially the case when a person has become homeless or a girl who has been trafficked cannot return to her home. In India Oasis runs a half-way facility for girls who have left the red light area and who have no place to go. The half way home also serves vulnerable young girls who have been rescued by the government and who are sent to Oasis by the Child Welfare Committee. Each girl has an individualised care plan and is assisted over 1 - 2 years to move into a group home context. Because of the trauma experienced by each girl intensive counseling is an integral part of their programme. 

In the UK Oasis Aquila Housing (OAH) supports vulnerable people on their journey from emergency to independence. We make it our business to provide a home, a place to belong and network of support to those we serve. OAH currently runs 10 projects around the UK. Read more about their work here.

Spotlight on India

Aruna Prevention - Early Encounter and Night Shelter
10 girls aged between 5 to 12 are part of the night shelter and they are provided a good diet, safe shelter, life skills, tuition etc. Through the early encounter program around 25 children will be rescued from child labour and, or trafficking before they are sold. This will be mainly facilitated in three railway stations.

Post human trafficking care and rehabilitation
Oasis partners with government homes to provide a range of services to girls and women who have been trafficked. They offer professional counseling, full-time or part-time housing and vocational training to give individuals a real chance at a new life. The programmes help girls and women to overcome traumatic pasts, discover their own identity and make choices for a sustainable and dignified future.