Since the first Oasis project in 1990 when Steve and Cornelia Chalke opened a hostel for homeless young women in Peckham (South London), Oasis has grown into a global movement pioneering a whole range of life changing initiatives and projects in ten countries across five continents.

These are some of the significant moments in the story of our journey so far but we continue to imagine and strive for a fair, inclusive world with justice, love and opportunity for everyone regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

We cannot achieve what we can't imagine.

A trip down memory lane...


Oasis is launched by Steve Chalke.



Frontline, Oasis's first gap year programme, starts with six young people who work alongside local churches. A year later it has 21 and by 1989 some 57 young people are serving in churches across the country.



Christmas Cracker launches to raise funds for aid and development projects around the world. The campaign inspires thousands of young people to engage with issues around the world, raising more than £4 million over eight years for some of the world's poorest communities.



Oasis opens No.3, a hostel providing support for homeless girls in London. Street teams visit homeless communities in London including Cardboard City in Waterloo. A bus is acquired to act as a mobile base.



Introduction of Youth Ministry Course and Frontline Teams overseas.



The Elizabeth Baxter Hostel, opposite London's Imperial War Museum, opens to provide further support for the capital's homeless population.

Oasis India is set up, working with communities in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Jacob's Well, a project based in Bangalore, training women in clothes design and manufacturing, soon follows. Jacob's Well later develops links with Oasis Uganda.



Oasis College begins by launching the Oasis Certificate of Higher Education



Launch of Parental a project that provided support to parents in the UK. More than 17 parenting books and many other resources were produced

Purnata Bhavan, opens near Mumbai, providing care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS.



Oasis opens The Foyer in Thornton Heath, South London, after challenging young people to fundraise for the new hostel.



Oasis begins work in Kampala, Uganda, running many programmes across the city.

Oasis begins work in Harare, Zimbabwe, running a number of education programmes for both children and adults.

Oasis USA launches in Los Angeles to help combat human trafficking.

Faithworks, a project aimed at equipping and inspiring the Church in the UK, gets under way.

Oasis College begins first undergraduate degree.



Oasis starts work in Beira, Mozambique, providing a variety of projects including clean water programmes, a school and adult training.



Oasis starts a mechanical training centre in Bangladesh, supporting people from Dhaka, one of the country's poorest communities.

Oasis moves its base to Waterloo to develop the 'Hub Model', providing holistic support and services to the local community.



The Hub Cafe Waterloo is opened as part of growing engagement with the community at Waterloo - part of the Hub development.

Oasis Community Learning is established with the express purpose of transforming learning , lives and communities through the development of Oasis Academies.

Steve Chalke awarded MBE for 'Services to Inclusion'



Steve holds Guinness World record - first time - for the most money raised by an indivdual in a marathon, raising £1.25 million.

Oasis launches Stop the Traffik’ a global coallition dedicated to ending human trafficking.



Oasis South Africa is established and starts work in Cosmo City on the outskirts of Johannesburg, providing a breadth of services to the local community.

Oasis Belgium



Steve holds Guinness World record - second time - for the most money raised by an indivdual in a marathon, raising £1.84 million, taking the title back from Sir Steve Redgrave.

Oasis Community Learning opens its first three Academies in the UK: one in London and two in Grimsby.



Steve Chalke appointed as UN.GIFT Special Advisor for Community Action against Human Trafficking.

Oasis Kyrgyzstan was launched, working with street children and combatting human trafficking.

Oasis launches Charities Parliament, now People's Parliament, to help engage charities in debate, inspire innovation and enable social change with central government just across the river.



Oasis College becomes Oasis College of Higher Education and soon after introduced a wide portfolio of qualifications from foundation courses to postgraduate qualifications.

Oasis Launches first 'All Through' academy in London



Steve Chalke breaks the Guinness world record for the third time for the most money raised by an individual in a marathon raising a staggering £2.3 million for Oasis.

First Oasis Primary Academies in London and Manchester join the growing family of Academies.



Oasis submits plans to redevelop its Waterloo base as a secondary school.



Oasis opens a secondary Academy in the heart of Central London, providing high quality education for the local community as part of its Waterloo Hub



The number of Oasis Academies exceeds 40.

Oasis Community Partnerships is formed which aims to provide support to the ‘Hub Model’ in serving its local community’s needs.

Oasis Housing Projects merge with Aquila Way to become Oasis Aquila Housing, providing supported housing for nearly 100 vulnerable young people and adults in UK