In the vast majority of Oasis hubs across the world staff are engaged in addressing the health needs of their communities.  In some cases this is based on the training of local health workers who take responsibility for supporting families in relation to issues like TB, HIV and Diabetes.  In other hubs our work is preventative with a focus on nutrition, exercise and the running of awareness programmes.  In some locations we also provide pre-natal and anti-natal care as part of a wider health programme that includes running a clinic.  Oasis also partners with the government in several locations acting as a facilitator where government immunisation programmes are run or specific support is provided to one segment of a community.  Our healthcare work is always run within a wider framework seeking to promote well-being in all aspects of a person's life.

Spotlight on Oasis Zimbabwe 

Learning & Livelihoods  

Oasis Zimbabwe’s Learning & Livelihoods project has developed a lot in the last few years.  Their focus is teaching tailoring and business skills, but we realised that the girls we train from Epworth face a lot of challenges in their families and relationships, and so to empower them to live healthy independent lives, we also now offer training and counselling in life skills.

With the girls we focus on self-esteem, sexual health, positive relationships with men and family planning, as well as palliative care and bereavement.  We have employed a part-time counsellor to meet with the girls one-to-one. Through the encouragement of Oasis staff, a group of girls recently decided to go together to take HIV tests, which is to be admired. 

“My name is Bella, I am 19.  My father died some years ago and I moved from Chitungwiza to Epworth with my mother.  My mother is sick so I have to look after her.  I only attended school until I was 14.  I came to Oasis through our church in Epworth.  At Oasis I learned tailoring, life skills, fabric printing and tie dye.  Now I know I can use my own hands to succeed in life. Oasis changed me because I am lifted now.  If I see where I was before I came here and where I am today it is so different.  I’m now a better person.  I’m now able to sew skirts, blouses, shirts, school uniforms, dresses for children and wedding dress