At Oasis we believe in creating opportunities and equipping and empowering people to become the best they can be. We work around the world with children, families, men and women in a range of communities delivering education services and projects, tailored to local needs. 

In India Oasis staff  have delivered IT workshops to men and women. In Bangladesh, Oasis staff have equipped women with the business skills and knowledge to develop a micro-finance scheme – selling the crafts that they sell with enough profit to become self-sustaining. Oasis USA and Stop the Traffick in the UK have educated others about human trafficking through grassroots advocacy work. In Uganda, plans are in place for Oasis’ first global Academy in Musoto, in the North of the country. In the UK, Oasis runs a College of Higher Education offering a range of undergraduate and post graduate courses and is one of the UK's largest multi-academy sponsors. Oasis Community Learning sponsors over 40 Academies,  each  partnered with one of Oasis’ global countries, together enabling global education and skills sharing across the world.

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Spotlight on Oasis Academy
Shirley Park

Within the UK in South East London we run a number of academies. Oasis Academy Shirley Park is one of two ‘all through’ schools within the Oasis family, providing top class education for children from 0 to 16. From post natal care at the Children’s Centre to its post 16 educational provision Oasis Academy Shirley Park has been deemed ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, the UK’s official body for governing schools. Executive Principal Glen Denham is passionate about celebrating the success of every individual and helping them fulfil their potential within their own learning journeys.

Life at the academy is vibrant and varied and includes students making a positive contribution both to their own community and to their Global Partner Oasis Zimbabwe.

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