Blue Edge Project

BLUE EDGE is a project which aims to empower young people through vocational training.  Reflecting market demands for customer oriented services, this intervention focuses on soft skills, including basic computation, spoken English, interview skills, customer services and life skills.  This project is been funded by Blue Dart a courier company partnering with DHL.

Vinay graduated from our Blue Edge Program in June. He was an outstanding student so we sat down to talk with him about his time with Oasis. Here is what he shared...

“I am from Andhra Pradesh, I live in Dyaneshwar Nagar, Bandra. There was a deep desire in my heart to learn English, because it has a good influence on people, society, school and college. I wanted to be an influence. I was searching for an English class which could help me to use at least basic grammar and make sentences, but I couldn’t get one that could work for me. Then my friend a former student of Blue Edge said, “Why don’t you join Blue Edge?” Today I am speaking such good English because of Blue Edge and the Oasis team.

When I joined Blue Edge I was surprised at all the teachers approach towards students. They were very kind, especially to the weaker students. I got lots of encouragement to persevere with my fluency. I enjoyed class very much. In a world where there is no place for the weak, instead of helping and correcting, people will pull them down more. But in Blue Edge the weaker get a chance to transform their weakness into strength. After six months I have the confidence to speak English fluently, no matter who comes to talk to me. If they can talk in simple English I am able to answer their questions appropriately. Here I have learnt how to make sentences, learnt grammar, computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and internet) and skills for life.

I know now that if there is problem in my locality whom to approach and what I should say. I have learnt how I can be a good person. I thank Blue Dart and Oasis India for their efforts to develop this programme for us.”